Technical file - Acqua passata


Programme and length of the concert :

Length of the concert «Acqua passata»: 1 hour
The duration of the concert can be adapted according to your choice, with additions by other pieces from the Vienna school. 

Quatuor Acqua passata rehearsal :


3 hours before the concert in the hall.

Dressing room :


Musicians'meals :

Provided for eight people by the organiser after the concert. 

Lighting and sound :

To be worked out with the producer.
We usually use the equipment installed in halls. 

Accessories :

Four chairs and four black lecterns.  



Sale of Cds :

Foresee a table and a space at the exit for the sale of Cds.
Discussion is possible for a block purchase by the organiser.

Cost of concert :

Contact us.

Contract :

To be established in two copies and signed by both parties.