History of Au Pays de l'Ailleurs





This work for piano, choir and orchestra has numerous origins (2004-2014). If certain outlines for voices and piano had already been “dreamed of” in 2004 and 2008, the orchestral parts and the Introitus are completely new and represent the essential of the work and are a reminder of the title.


The first part saw the light of day at Easter 2013 in Malaga, the second a little later on the volcanic island of Lanzarote (Timanfaya) and the Introitus of the 6 parts was composed between August 2013 and January 2014.

If there is no link between the pieces, it was finally the title of a book by Andrée Fauchère, which inspired me to unite, all these works under the heading «Au Pays de l’Ailleurs» (“In the country elsewhere”).


This «elsewhere» reminds us of the vagabond souls around us who protect us and, as it was written for me, my much missed brother Philippe:


“For Guy it is the souls which are the “beacons of the night“, they are the dearest friends, the great composers and the spiritual constellation. He can now interpet them with all the respect, the recognition and the fervor that a navigator may have for his star…the admirer and humble creator towards his elders…”



I understood afterwards that the pieces composed in Malaga and Lanzarote were to become the intermediary parts. The eminently spiritual context opened up my memory to my past. In 2004, I had started three melodies for a short mass and their association with this composition became inevitably obvious, as if the past was speaking to the present. Therefore, I extracted these themes to produce a Kyrie, and an Agnus Dei. The work finished on the initial phrase of the Gloria with the orchestra and the choir.

Thus, there are 6 definitive parts:




       Agnus Dei


       Gloria (to finish with the glory of souls, the glory of us all)


I decided to make a sort of symphonic poem where each individual can obtain his own spirituality.



Guy Kummer-Nicolussi