Guy Kummer-Nicolussi

Born on the 23rd February 1961 in Sion, the younger of 4 children, Guy Kummer-Nicolussi has been initiated very young to music by his father who loved Gleen Miller, Sydney Bechet, Duke Ellington, and by his mother who came from Italy and had a passion for operas (Vivaldi, Verdi, Rossini).
At the age of 17, his brother Philippe initiated him to guitar. The same year, at Christmas, his mother offered him his first music instrument with the case of Beethoven’s symphonies.
In 1981, he moved to Geneva to continue his studies at the Collège de Saussure in order to get his artistic maturity oriented (in music) and went after that to the Faculté de Lettres in musicology. He will then be Alexandre Rodrigues’s student in classical guitar at the Conservatoire de Genève and Eric Gaudivert’s student in composition. Already during this period, he wrote plays that will later be part of recordings. 
But happiness is only when sadness sleeps… and this nap stopped on the 28th of July 1995 in Indonesia when he caught the Syndrome de Guillain-Barré that will let him quadriplegic. Guy will grow changed physically but also through his vision of the world that will be transcript in his music. His works will be free and powerfully expanded.
Guy had not a guitar in his hands anymore, but a feather and a baton he used to play the most beautiful and the most completed instrument: the orchestra… and these “Lights of the night” that were his dearest friends, the biggest compositors of the spiritual constellation, he could then interpret them with all the respect, the recognition and the fervour of a navigator to its star, of a creator to its elders.
Finally, highlight of this small portrait of a great man: there is the Italy of his mother that she bequeathed him leaving this world. A name to be at the top of a poster, reflex of a modest emigrant and forever the love of Vivaldi’s homeland, the warmth of its people, their clannish and faithful spirit “to life and to death”.






 Is greatest works :




 Catài  (2007)

  7 quartets for 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello

This series of quartets Op.14, initiated in August 2005 and finished in February 2006, represents the cycle of impressions, images and emotions gleaned over months during one of the compositor’s trip in Qingdao, China. This set of quartets is the golden thread of the compositor on his own "Silk Road".

 Rêveries sur l'Ile verte  (2008)  

  String orchestra and ... piano, bandoneon, guitar and flute 


All schemed and designed in Qingdao (The Green Isle), 
this works were the exit light of the Catài’s Shadow. 
A magic link for the compositor between China and Europe; 
he was born in the mountain in Wallis and dreams of ocean, 
of rice smelling the fire of the vendors and of the faces with almond eyes. 


 Guitares Valaisannes  (2009)

  Set of 6 guitars 
These parts composed between 1996 and 2008 represent 
the different steps in the compositor’s life: his stay at the hospital after his disease, 
his stays at the “Mayen de la Zour”, in Italy, in Ireland, In China…
He will dedicate this work to the Master Alexandre Rodrigues, 
a demanding professor, severe, patient but also a determinant “Musical Father” 
and even a counsellor of life at all times.



 Vagabundo  (2011)

  Opus for violin and orchestra


The compositor’s brother’s death (Philippe) in July 2010 produced 
a storm in his life that inspired him an urgency to write music… 
between rebellion, intense pain, unbearable emptiness… 
but also faith and fervour toward this “artist of the present time”.
This project consists also in giving an Academie,
 as it was used to do at the beginning of the XIXth century, 
by creating new works directed by the composer 
and highlighting a soloist who will be Voirol Manul, from “L’Ecole Tibor Varga”. 


  Acqua passata (2012)

  Trios or quartets for flute, violin, guitar and violin

Inspired by the thematic of the water that flows or that will flow; 
images of the past, of the present or of the future that are melted 
in this album full of memories.
The “Rhône”, natural  link of our dear Wallis, 
naturally imposed himself to the composer as the storyline of this new story; 
all along its shores, eight chapels siding the water as 
a spiritual oasis, custodians of his compositions…
Thereby, from “Bouveret” to “Brigue”, Acqua Passate “sings” alternately in French
 and in German in the heart of son from Italian immigrants, in his heart.