The Choir


L'Echo des Follatères


A cheerful team of amateur singers who perform an annual programme, scale after scale, piece after piece. They choose material from the Renaissance to modern day music, including the classics, romantics and of course the inevitable poplar songs, which also deserve our affection. The choir was conducted by Pascal Luy, then Pierre-Louis Nanchen, to be followed by the present-day enthusiastic and demanding Thierry Epiney, who took over the baton to lead the choir further and perhaps higher, as his style of conducting and his optimism unite all the voices as one. 

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Director : Thierry Epiney



Born in Sierre in 1986, his parents, both musicians, initiated him rapidly into the world of music. Following a few early stages on the piano, he turned towards percussion instruments at the age of six. This enabled him to obtain a percussion certificate in 2004 from the conservatoire in Sion. Parallel with his activities as a percussionist, Thierry discovered another passion: writing music. He set out to find Pleasant and surprising sonorities, which led him to the College of Music in Geneva after he had passed his maturité exams in 2005. Having earned his stripes in military music and spent five years studying at the HEM, he obtained a M.A. degree in music, majoring in pedagogy and composition. Thierry is presently continuing his studies at the Zurich Arts College in order to obtain a Master’s degree in film music composition.
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