• Euterpe Vallesia

    Production Agency


    The idea of creating a agency for organising concerts came from Emmanuel Villani, a sound engineer and producer of the Valaisan composer Guy Kummer-Nicolussi’s four first CDs.


    At the start of 2013 during the first signs of the project « Acqua passata » by the same composer, it became obvious that organising a concert was a big task – and we had to organise 18! At the end of this came the idea of reating l’Agence Euterpe Vallesia in the form of an association.  


    Our agency offers to produce classical music and other kinds of concerts for any artist who wishes to call upon our services (contacts – planning – contracts – press releases, Facebook, internet site – publicity – tickets – CD sales).  


    We also organise musical events for businesses, groups or private individuals who wish to enliven their events.


    Organized events : 

     Various animations
     Sale of CDs

    Directly related to the Recording Studio :










Euterpe Vallesia

Chemin des Charmilles 2

1958 Uvrier

      Emmanuel Villani           Nathalie Dayer
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